LB2-Adult-S Laserband Wristband Sheetlet



LB2-ADULT-S & LB2-ADULT-SC – ADULT WRISTBAND SHEETLET WITH OPTIONAL CARD Efficiently print a single adult wristband with flexibility to use as part of an admission package or on patient floors as replacement bands. Add a pre-printed or print-on-demand card for facility information.

Ideal for:

•Single print-on-demand patient wristband with flexibility of use (e.g. one time print as part of admission package, replacement print on patient floors, etc.)

•Optional card with choice to pre-print or print-on-demand any information a facility desires (e.g. visitor pass, gift shop discount card, patient loyalty program card, etc.)

•Patient data protected by self-sealing laminated wristband

•Expandable wristband to fit a range of adult patient sizes, including bariatric & edema patients

•Additional band security that also indicates tampering


•Comfortably fits adult patients

•Patented self-laminating seal is water and alcohol resistant, preserving patient data for longer wristband usability

•Adhesive-free zone around form edges and holes prevents printer jamming and reduces costly maintenance

•Clear laminate and ultra-white image area optimize scanner performance

•Wristband extender included to help fit a wide range of patient sizes and conditions (bariatric, edema, etc.)

•Optional card to pre-print or print-on-demand other information (e.g. visitor pass, discount card to gift shop, patient loyalty program card, etc.)

•Hole-punched to fit securely in healthcare charts

•Integrated security seal indicates wristband tampering and ensures a more permanent fit

•Variety of color options for special ID needs, including condition alerts (e.g. allergy, DNR, fall risk, etc.)

•Optional ComfyCuff® recommended to provide optimal comfort when banding a patient


•8 1/4″ wristband (1 per sheet)

•2 3/4″ x 7/8″ image area

•3 3/8″ x 2 1/8″ optional card (1 per sheet)

•4″ wristband extender (1 per sheet)

•4 1/4″ x 11″ carrier sheet


•Security seal

•Color versions optional

•Recommended ComfyCuff® optional

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Ordering options:

•LB2-ADULT-S 1,000 per case

•LB2-ADULT-S-BLU 1,000 per case

•LB2-ADULT-S-GRE 1,000 per case

•LB2-ADULT-S-ORA 1,000 per case

•LB2-ADULT-S-RED 1,000 per case

•LB2-ADULT-SC 1,000 per case

•LB2-ADULT-SC-BLU 1,000 per case

•LB2-ADULT-SC-GRE 1,000 per case

•LB2-ADULT-SC-ORA 1,000 per case

•LB2-ADULT-SC-RED 1,000 per case




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