Alert Spots For Laserband Wristbands


Alert Spots


LaserBand Spot Alert markers offer a simple and cost effective way for hospitals to comply with state, regional or local color coding standards for patient conditions alerts, such as allergy, DNR, fall risk, etc. Spot Alert markers work with any LaserBand® wristband to identify special patient needs.

Ideal for:

•Simple, inexpensive solution for identifying condition alerts (e.g. allergy, DNR, fall risk, etc.) eliminates multiple wristbands and parts that consume resources

•A solution that complies with state, regional, or local color-coding standardization initiatives

•Compatible product that works with various ID bands, allowing for quick implementation


•Highly visible, pre-printed condition alert markers or blank color coded dots to unmistakably identify special patient conditions, such as allergy, DNR, fall risk, etc.

•Compatible with any LaserBand® wristband or other ID band; allowing for quick implementation of local, regional, or statewide color-code standards

•Special adhesive stickers securely attach to various wristband material and tear away to indicate tampering

•Easy peel-and-stick assembly enables quick identification of special patient conditions

•Straightforward format provides hospitals with a simple and cost effective way to improve patient safety

•Available sheet options support all current state-wide color coding standards including AZ, CA, CO, MN, MO, NJ, NM, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, UT, WI, IL (CHICAGO)


•3/4″x 1/4″ pre-printed, color-coded labels

•1 1/4″x 3/8″ blank, color-coded stickers

•2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ sheet

Ordering Options

•LB-ALERT-ALLERGY 1,000 per case

•LB-ALERT-AZ-NP 1,000 per case

•LB-ALERT-DNR-BLU 1,000 per case

•LB-ALERT-DNR-PUR 1,000 per case

•LB-ALERT-FALL RISK 1,000 per case

•LB-ALERT-LATEX ALLERGY 1,000 per case

•LB-ALERT-PA-NP 1,000 per case


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