Cost per Page?

Are you really getting a better price at the Big Box Retailers?

It is often thought that the Big Box Retailers offer the most competitive pricing. 

What are you currently paying for one black and white page on your device?

In the first block (Your Current Toner Cartridge Cost), insert the price you pay for one toner cartridge for your device.
In the next block (Manufacturers Estimated Yield), insert the published yield for your toner cartridge.
Your current Cost Per Page for Toner only will be automatically calculated in the third box.
Your Cost Per Page is in cents. Example: .034 equals 3.4 cents per page, not 34 cents.
This calculation does not includes any required service, parts or labor when needed.
If you are printing at least 1,000 pages per month, you could save up approximately 25 to 40%. Advanced Custom Systems offers several devices from a variety of manufacturers that are often under 2 cents per page and includes all toner, all parts, labor and service when required.

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