Service FAQ

Q: Will you service my machine if I didn’t buy it from you?
A: Yes, we will! But it will cost more see our service page.

Q: Will you service my machine if I don’t want to buy a service plan?
A: Yes we will. We recommend purchasing a service plan, but if you don’t want to do that we will service your machine per call, and you will be financially responsible for any needed labor, supplies, or parts. (We will get your approval first.)

Q: Can I get an estimate on how much it would be to get my equipment fixed?
A: Yes. Give us a call and we will tell you our service rate; if the machine is prompting for a specific part we can get you a quote for the part also. If it is unknown what the exact problem is, we can come look at it for the hourly rate and determine if anything further is needed. You will then be provided with another quote for any parts needed.

Q: After I put in a service call how long does it usually take for a technician to arrive?
A: Our average response time is less than 4 hours. If your machine goes “down” so that it is completely inoperable, we will put you on next-call status. We do prioritize service contract customers, and welcome call-in customers.

Q: How can I find out if you service my printer or copier?
A: We service almost all copiers and laser printers. At this time we do not service small consumer inkjet machines. Give us a call to confirm that we can service your machine. On the very rare occasion that a technician arrives and finds that your copier or printer is a model that he is unable to work on, he will not perform service and there will be no charge.

Q: Why don’t you service small consumer inkjet machines?
A: For the quality and cost of small inkjet machines, we usually find that it is more cost-effective for customers to replace the machine rather than put money into labor and parts. Many suppliers will not sell parts to small inkjet machines. We are an certified EPSON business  inkjet repair center.

Q: I have a smaller printer; do I bring it to you for repair or do you come to me?
A: Whichever is more convenient for you. We are happy to come onsite, or we do shop repair in our Winnipeg location and will have your machine fixed within 1-2 business days. If the printer is in your home, we recommend bringing it in for shop repair.

HSM 411.2 Cross Cut ShredderQ: Can my copier run any paper type or weight I choose?
A: Most copiers can run several media types. However it is important to check the manufacturer’s suggested types and weights. The copier makes adjustments in voltage, fusing temperature, settings available, and speed to compensate for the differences in media. Using the incorrect weight setting could cause any number of problems ranging from jamming to toner smudging off the page.

It is important to change the machine settings to match the media weight loaded. One of the most commonly used papers is 20lb. weight. This would be run under the “Normal” or “Plain” settings of your machine. For thicker paper you would check the weight of the paper vs. the weight settings on your machine to select the correct weight.

Most copiers also have a type setting that can be used. Some of these types include color, letterhead, recycled, thick, envelope, brochure & more.

It is important to use the correct settings in order to help prevent damage of the copier/priner and insure print quality.

Q: What’s the best way to help prevent paper jams?
A: A lot of jamming problems could be avoided by making sure you use correctly weighted paper, use the right paper tray thickness setting, and have paper loaded properly.

Everyday paper is rated at 20 lbs. This is good for text but if you print with higher toner coverage (pictures, thick borders etc.) you need to use heavier paper.
For paper over 28 lbs. adjust the settings for the appropriate thick paper on both the copier and the computer. Depending on the setting you choose the machine makes adjustments for feeding speed, transfer voltage and fusing temperature.

Make sure paper is lined up against the tray guides and is not folded, damaged, or filled above the limit. These guidelines will help you prevent paper jams.

Q: What is covered by a maintenance plan?
A: Most plans cover all labor, parts and supplies except for paper and staples. We don’t charge or scans so the ADF rollers are not included. Network problems that are not caused by the copier are also not included.

Q: How does billing for a maintenance plan work?
A: We offer flexible plans, which means you can change as your needs change. Most maintenance agreements are set up pay-per-copy for both black and white and color copies, though some people choose to have a set number of copies per billing period. (If that number is exceeded there is per-page overage charge. That rate is part of your signed agreement.) Billing can be arranged per month, quarter or year. We usually include toner or ink, parts and service but we can tailor the agreement to your needs.

Q: How can I get a quote for a maintenance plan?
A: If you are interested in a service plan, we will do an entire maintenance inspection of your machine at no cost to you! Call today to talk to a consultant and have it arranged.

Q: Are there any extra fees I’ll have to pay on top of maintenance?
A: There are NO hidden or extra fees- no fuel, shipping, labor or surcharges. It is all included in maintenance. Equipment moves, network problems or renetworking after initial installation are not included and would be billed.

Q: Should I get my maintenance agreement included in my lease?
A: No, we do not recommend doing so. Most people that join their service and lease payments together regret it. Companies present this as an easy, attractive pricing option by bundling the payments together into “one easy low payment,” but the problem is that you can’t get out of it. Regardless of the quality of service you receive, you are stuck with it and will spend years paying for it.
When a company has your money guaranteed, problems arise with slow response, part limits, added surcharges, and more. You’re giving up the freedom to do anything about it by joining your maintenance with the lease. You also will not be able to adjust what you’re paying for volume changes. It is definitely a wiser decision to keep your maintenance agreement separated from your lease.

Q: I don’t understand my bill. Who can I talk to about that?
A: Just give our office a call or email and ask for accounting. We are always happy to help.

Q: Do scans and faxes count in my number of copies?
A: Scans and faxes do not count towards your number of copies. It is only pages that actually print on paper and use toner that count.

If the following suggestions do not resolve the problem please contact our service department.
Black lines on copies: Clean the small bar of scan glass under the document feeder on the left side. The best way to clean this is to use a mild cleaner (rubbing alcohol is best) and carefully wipe the glass with a clean cloth. DO NOT spray cleaner directly on the copier.
Paper jams: Check paper guides in the trays, and paper settings for the trays. If printing from a computer check paper settings on the computer as well. If you are using thicker paper make sure you have selected the appropriate thickness setting on both the copier and the computer (if printing). Try a new ream of paper as sometimes moisture in the paper can cause problems. If paper is being damaged check the paper path for torn paper or foreign objects.
Error codes/Call for Service message: Turn off machine and disconnect power from wall for 5 minutes. Reconnect power and turn on. If code returns, open and close the front door (where the toner is inserted). If code persists, write down the error message and inform the service department exactly what the message says.
Scan to email not working: Has the network environment changed (new Internet service provider)? If so, some settings will have to be corrected for scan to email to work properly. If your Internet provider has not changed, try restarting the copier, computers and server.
Light copies: Check the exposure settings and increase darkness. Replace paper with an unopened ream.
Connect a new computer to print: Install print drivers via the installation disc or by downloading from the manufacturer’s website.
Reinstall a print driver: Print drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.
Keeps saying add toner: Some toner bottles have a plastic tape that must be removed during installation. Be sure the tape has been completely removed especially around the opening.  Be sure the toner is inserted fully into the machine. After new toner is added it can take a few minutes to cycle through and begin to print.
How to install toner or staples: Every machine differs when installing toner and staples. Most manufacturers have instructions listed in the front door of the copier for toner and in the front door of the finisher for staples. If instructions are not there consult the user manual for your machine.
Problems after power outage: Disconnect the machine’s power cord from the wall and reconnect after 5 minutes. Reset your surge protector.
Changed Internet provider and now some functions don’t work: When changing Internet service providers some of the settings for your network will change. These include but are not limited to DNS settings, IP scheme, Mail Server Address, and Gate Way address. If this information changes, printing and scanning may not function. The machine’s network settings must be corrected in order for proper functioning to resume. This can be done through the menu system of the machine and may require the assistance of the network administrator. Our service department is also happy to help with you this, however it is not covered under maintenance agreements and would be billed at an hourly service rate.
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