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Do you have a long or short term need for office equipment? Take the pain out of trying to put all the logistics together yourself. Advanced Custom Systems will handle it for you, just give us a call 204-788-1444 or email with your needs.

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Long or Short Term Copier, Printer and Scanner Rentals
Advanced Custom Systems realizes your office equipment needs to be affordable, deployed rapidly and dependable once on site. Whether you’re building a new pipeline, hydro dam, drilling for gas or oil, building a new office park or high-rise, working on an highway road project or installing a wind park, we can make sure office equipment is the least of your worries. Our team will deploy the equipment, set up all the required network connections, train your staff and make sure service is there quickly when you need it. If you would like to move it to the next project, we’ll take care of all of the logistics and re-installation. We can also assist your IT Department with  repairs and service. Advanced Custom Systems can also provide both long and short term rentals for traveling executives, hotels, conventions, sporting events, trade shows, court rooms, temporary offices, and other special projects. All of our rentals include the equipment, all parts, labor, and supplies. Our rentals are available for a day, week, month, or several months if needed.