What if your car didn’t have a dashboard? You wouldn’t know how fast you’re going. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Take control of your environment with PaperCut MF – a favorite print management software for schools, offices, law firms, and more.

You Can Only Manage What You Measure.

How and why do you utilize your online banking services? If you rely on online banking the way most of us do, you know it’s an invaluable resource that helps you manage and monitor all of your financial activity on demand. Whether you enjoy it for the time savings, the control, or the convenience – it’s easy to see why online banking is here to stay.

Just like online banking offers mass appeal – PaperCut MF’s print management software is built to be used across all industries and vertical markets. Similar to the financial snapshot via the web offered by online banking, PaperCut MF’s browser based Dashboard Page provides organizations across all industries full visibility of their printer activity.

PaperCut MF Online Dashboard
Feature Spotlight
PaperCut MF Job Ticketing Operator Interface

Job Ticketing

Any organization with production or 3D printers can instantly track and control printing for the first time ever. The new Job Ticketing feature provides a simple, easy-to-use web tool for users to submit orders online. The order form can be configured based on product types to ensure all required information is collected during the order process. Users can also check the status of their job or send messages operators at any time.

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Estimate Job Costs – Show users the estimated cost of a job before submitting it. No more guessing.
Improved User Experience – Make it easy to create products with a simpler workflow users can enjoy—especially if they’re new to Job Ticketing.
File-less Orders – Make items like business cards available without asking the user to upload a file.
New Licensing Models – With all new Print Room, FabLab & Mini Room licenses, you can effectively position to different customer types better than ever before.

Change Print Job Settings at the Device

End-users can now edit print job attributes at the MFP prior to release. Each job gives additional options to change settings including forcing grayscale, forcing duplex, and adjusting the number of copies. Users can also delete files created in error and switch to Shared Accounts. Show savings and encourage better behavior with additional updates at the touchscreen such as displaying cost and savings as changes are made to print jobs.

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PaperCut Integrated Scanning Actions

Whether you have 5 users or 5,000+ users, PaperCut MF is the perfect solution to eliminate waste, encourage responsible printing behavior, and make users/departments accountable for their print usage.