Healthcare Values

Value we can provide to support you in healthcare: hospitals, long term care, pharmacies and more.

Addressograph blue card system: imprinters, parts, repairs rollers, & supplies>>addressograph21 - model-2000-group

addressograph21 - maxima-841_45809<<CIM card or tag embossing machines for making cards

Zebra LaserBand patient wristband system with barcodes, colour codes, infants, & more

LB2-PED-L3 Laserband Wristbands Sheet

Nicelabel barcode software for wristbands, pharmacies, or device labeling- full line from one desk to cloud based label system

Brother fabric label printers for Long term care belongings labeling>>

z21print - print-selector-tool-photography-website-16x9-1<<Zebra & Honeywell label printers for labs, device labeling, specimen, blood bag, inventory, or shipping

EPSON ink printers or Brother laser printers for workstations or administration>>brother21 - Business_printing_solutions_lifestyle

<<Fellowes or HSM shredders for PIPEDA compliance and confidentiality

Ultraviolet C device disinfection from UVone and Sealshield>>sealshield21 - 3-Bay-ECuvone21 - LNC-UVone-Side-03-Web

We stand behind what we sell with supplies, parts, service, and advice. Let us know how we can help.z21label - zebra-supplies-bundle

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