Great Pages for your Office

Over 30 years of solving office problems with great pages – copy, print, fax, laminate, labels, LaserBands, bar codes, toner, shred, count, bind, repair and more…paper in an office? Contact us for a solution.

Why do we call it Great Pages .ca ? What else covers everything we sell, service and supply while incorporating our goal. We want to help you get great pages in Canada.

We search the globe to bring you the best office equipment, and supplies so we can deliver value for your organization. Then we back it up with certified local service and repair. With over 30 years experience in imaging we have built excellent supplier relationships we can put to work for you. Browse our site and then contact us at the bottom of any page.

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“Ok thanks for looking after that so quickly!  It’s amazing how much we’ve come to depend on that machine!” -Shane

“It’s been a pleasure working with you, and if I find myself needing any printers in my new job I will be sure to suggest you!” -Cory

“Yes we received our new shredder on April 3rd just before I left for my week off. It is up running and beautiful! we love it” -Thanks Mindy

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