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Advanced Custom Systems has been serving Manitoba business since 1979. We started as a Nashua copier dealer and have moved to a full service office supplier. Over the years we have carefully added suppliers to care for our customers and provide solutions. If it puts marks on paper we can probably deliver it, fix it, and get you the best value in supplies for it. Since our inception as local business, we are active in the community and long time members of the Winnipeg Metro business club .
Our site is the result of years worth of research to find suppliers and partners to do it right. This site has thousands of quality products from the worlds best suppliers and we get you more from our supplier network. Most are ISO 9001 certified, all are guaranteed. We work with healthcare on office equipment including imprinters, embossers and LaserBand wristband solutions.
We offer service and repairs to most printers, copiers, plotters, shredders, laminators, bill counters, embossers, imprinters and office machines at competitive prices in your office or in our shop. If it puts marks on paper we can probably supply it, fix it, and save you money on supplies.

If you are driving from the west, just past (or just before from the east) the railway tracks turn south on Spruce Street,  then half a block south, first building past more tracks, in the industrial strip on the west side.

We are open office hours in central time or by appointment.

Winnipeg: 204-788-1444  Free 866-788-1444

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