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Triage Tag

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This all-in-one customizable triage tag enables responders to quickly and accurately identify, record, and track the injured at the scene of an emergency. The included barcode labels are ideally suited for use with disaster management software packages.

Ideal for:
•Identification for field triage/mass casualty incidents where multiple components are needed to track and record information
•Tag compatible with emergency response software for quick and easy implementation

•Streamlined one-piece tag construction for quick identification
•Durable, water and abrasion resistant material suitable for decon use
•Sequentially-numbered, alpha numeric digits, and Code 128 barcodes pre-printed on each tag and its labels to uniquely identify patients and their belongings
•Ideal for field triage and accident/casualty scenes
•Successfully tested by the FBI and several emergency agencies
•Compatible with emergency response software for easy implementation

•17 1/2" x 3" tag
•11 glove/glass-ready, pressure sensitive and uniquely-numbered/barcoded labels
•1 glove/glass-ready pressure sensitive label for decontamination procedures
•3 tear-off labels with specific triage status color and barcode
•Writable area on the back for recording vital signs, hazardous material exposure, and general patient notes

•SB-TRIAGE 500 per case




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