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Slim Alert

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Developed to help hospitals implement local, regional, or statewide color-coding standards, LaserBand Slim Alert offers a highly-visible, secure, and cost-effective way to ID patient conditions alerts, such as allergy, DNR, fall risk, etc.

Ideal for:
•Simple, durable, inexpensive solution for identifying condition alerts (e.g. allergy, DNR, fall risk, etc.)
•A solution that complies with state, regional, or local color-coding standardization initiatives
•Durable, secure wristband to identify patients with special needs for their entire stay

•Highly visible, pre-printed condition alert wristbands or blank color-coded wristbands to unmistakably identify special patient conditions, such as allergy, DNR, fall risk, etc.
•Straightforward assembly enables easy implementation for local, regional, and state-wide color-code/patient condition alerts
•Integrated snap offers ID security
•Durable wristband material helps identify patients for their entire stay
•Thinner band width provides more patient comfort than wider plastic wristbands

•10" x 5/8" pre-printed, color-coded wristbands: Yellow "FALL RISK", Red "ALLERGY", and Purple, customizable to support your own color code/condition alert standards
•Durable, long-lasting material
•Integrated snap closure

Ordering options:
•PS-ALLERGY-RED 500 per case
•PS-BLANK-PUR 500 per case
•PS-FALLRISK-YEL 500 per case
•PS-LIMBALERT-PIN 500 per case



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