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The LB2-ADULT-Z features an adult wristband with a comfort hinge that follows the natural shape of the wrist while also separating the main image area from a special zone for calling out critical patient data.
Ideal for:
•Streamlined patient intake process with a combined wristband/label form for simultaneous printing
•Patient data protected by self-sealing laminated wristband
•Expandable wristband to fit a range of adult patient sizes, including bariatric & edema patients
•Additional banding security that also indicates tampering
•Separate print zones on wristbands to help distinguish special alert information from other patient data
•Optimal wristband fit for patient comfort and clean barcode scans

•Patented, hinged wristband design for improved patient comfort and optimal barcode scanning
•Separate print zones help distinguish special alert information from other patient data
•Labels included on form streamline the patient ID print process and free up printer drawers for other documents
•Adhesive-free zone around form edges and holes prevents printer jamming and reduces costly maintenance
•Clear laminate and ultra-white image area optimize scanner performance
•Wristband extender included to help fit a wide range of patient sizes and conditions (bariatric, edema, etc.)
•Hole-punched to fit securely in healthcare charts
•Integrated security seal indicates wristband tampering and ensures a more permanent fit
•Variety of color options for special ID needs, including condition alerts (e.g. allergy, DNR, fall risk, etc.)

•8 1/4" wristband (1 per sheet)
•2 3/4" x 7/8" image area and 13/16" x 7/8" zone area
•4" wristband extender (1 per sheet)
•2 1/2" x 1" labels (20 per sheet)
•8 1/2" x 11" carrier sheet
•Security seal
•Color versions optional

Companion products:
•PLS-103 - 30-UP LABELS
•PLS-123 - 10-UP LABELS

Ordering options:
•LB2-ADULT-Z 1,000 per case




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