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"Make no Mistake"

We are the Laserband distributor for Canada. "Make No Mistake" is the laserband trademark and our goal for your facility.

LaserBand LLC is the leading global provider of patient identification wristbands and wristband technology that healthcare organizations use to improve patient safety. LaserBand offers the only cross-platform product line that works with hospitals’ existing patient ID technology at any level – from handwriting or embossing to barcoding, thermal imaging, and laser printing.

Why we’re unique:
Only LaserBand offers the patented self-laminating direct print wristband. Self-laminating wristbands protect patient data from fluids, flaking, scratches, fading, smudging, etc. Our products are available in both laser and thermal variants.
• Provide positive patient ID Self-laminating wristbands protect patient data at the point of care
• Improve patient care Durable yet soft material provides patient comfort
• Enhance workflow Leverage existing laser and thermal printers to save desk space and IT resources
• Feature superior design Clear laminate and ultra-white image area optimize scanner performance, tamper evident/security seals provide security
• Streamline Identification Provide positive patient match by printing and applying adult and baby wristbands at the same time.

Streamlines patient intake process and workflow by printing as part of the Admission Pack
•Assembles quickly, easily, and comfortably for the patient
•Saves space by reducing the need for multiple printers
•Fits wide range of sizes, including adult, pediatric, infant, and bariatric patients
Assembles quickly
•Scans clearly and easily whether reading or using barcode technology
•Fits adult, pediatric, infant, and bariatric patients
•Provides comfort and additional safety for patients
•Facilitates barcode implementation or scanning adoption
•Offers cross-platform product line that works with hospital's existing patient ID technology at any level for minimal workflow changes and IT reformatting
•Reduces maintenance issues and prevents printer jamming with adhesive-free zones around form edges and holes
•Offers pre-printed bar-coded products that help facilitate the ID process
•Enables rapid implementation with wristband designs that are easy to use
•Offers durable material and construction that will withstand emergency response elements
Material Managers
•Helps to contain costs with durable products that last for the entire patient stay

Reduces the number of product part numbers with wristbands that work in multiple settings (handwritten, laser printed, thermal printed, adult, pediatric, infant, bariatric, etc.)
•Facilitates compliance as LaserBand is a global leader

New England Journal of Medicine study finds 41% decrease in medication errors with barcode wristband systems

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"Make no mistake" and laserband, statband, fusionband in all forms are property of Laserband LLC used under dealer agreement.
We do accept purchase orders by email or fax at 1-204-783-1926.


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