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What it does
Prevents personal items from being lost and broken. Provides a highly visible and easily accessable storage container for patient and resident belongings. Items aren't lost so there's no need to spend thousands on replacements. Nursing hours can be spent more efficiently on patient and resident care, not wasted searching for lost items.

Saves money for your facility:
By saving the loss of just ONE pair of dentures, you can effectively INCREASE your bottom line by an average of $1,100.00 (average denture cost). Multiply that by the size of your facility and the amount of dentures alone that are lost and you can see the potential it has.

Is the PBC available in different colors?
Yes. Blue, Green, Purple and Orange.
- How do the lids open?
Denture lid opens to the left, Glasses open to the back, and Hearing Aid opens to the right side.
- How do we clean the PBC?
Follow Nursing Home or Hospital policies. The PBC can be sanitized through a commercial dishwasher, similar to utensils and water pitchers.
- Where do we store the PBC?
The PBC can be stored in a bedside stand or at the end or head of a bed. It can be placed on walkers and wheelchairs. The PBC can also be stored at the Nurses? station for example on an Alzheimer?s unit.
- Do we need to use a denture cup also?
No. The PBC was designed to hold dentures in a cleaning solution in the denture compartment. If your facility chooses, you can place a denture cup inside the compartment to store dentures, but it is not necessary.
- Does the PBC contain Latex?
No. The Personal Belongings Case is 100% latex free.
- Is the PBC made of a toxic plastic?
No. The plastic used to manufacture the PBC is considered non-hazardous by OSHA.

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“Since we started using the Personal Belongings Case, we have noticed a dramatic decrease in lost items such as hearing aids and glasses and broken items such as dentures. I find the cases to be made of a durable plastic which seems to resist breakage. I would recommend this product to all Nursing Homes. The cost of the case surely outweighs the cost of replacing dentures, hearing aids and glasses”.

Mary Lou L. NHA


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