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The Personal Belongings Case is being used across the United States by facilities that want to help offset the rising cost of healthcare. With soaring medical care costs, and an increase of senior citizens entering long term care, many facilities have found that using the PBC greatly reduces their operating costs by eliminating the cost of replacements while the revenue saved can be used in other areas of the facility. Now disributed in Canada by Advanced Custom Systems, contact us for more information.

The Disposable PBC is for shorter term use in hospitals and care facilities.

What it does:

Prevents personal items from being lost and broken. Provides a highly visible and easily accessable storage container for patient and resident belongings. Items aren't lost so there's no need to spend thousands on replacements. Nursing hours can be spent more efficiently on patient and resident care, not wasted searching for lost items.
Saves money for your facility:
By saving the loss of just ONE pair of dentures, you can effectively INCREASE your bottom line by an average of $1,100.00 (average denture cost). Multiply that by the size of your facility and the amount of dentures alone that are lost and you can see the potential it has.

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"The PBC allows our short and long term care patients to manage their own belongings. They feel more comfortable knowing that their watch or hearing aid is in a container next to them, and provides them one less thing to worry about so they can concentrate on their recovery".

Nancy K. RN, ADON


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